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Our Plumbing Services

Toilets & Faucets

Having an issue with your toilet is just one of those plumbing issues that seems to hit home harder than most. Not only are they super inconvenient, but they can also cause much more significant problems if not addressed quickly. The thing about toilet issues is that sometimes the fix is easy and can usually be done by homeowners without too much hassle. However, what can be thought of as a simple issue like a clog or small leak can often be the symptom of a much larger issue like the sewer main leak or bad connection. If you have tried to fix your broken toilet and the issue is still present it is best to call a local plumbing company immediately.

Hot Water HEaters

Edmonton is known for its brutally cold winters, but its summers can be blistering hot as well. That’s why Loewen employs technicians with the highest proficiency in both cooling and heating. With thousands of furnace installations and over 100,000 service calls under our belt, you can rest assured that Loewen Plumbing can solve all of your furnace and heating problems.

Drain Cleaning

Indoor Plumbing is sometimes taken for granted, until it stops working. Many of us have bathrooms, both public and private, that we expect to continue operating when needed. At Loewen Plumbing, we know that a plumbing problem is always an unpleasant surprise, even in the best of conditions. What happens when your plumbing stops working during a party? What about when the drain in your sewage begins spewing dirty water? Most homeowners, and business owners, don’t know where to start when it comes to clogged drains. This is why we are here as your trusted, licensed plumbers with the reliable solution for your drain cleaning needs and situation.

Gas Piping

Our hard working technicians are ready to serve all of your gas pipe repair and installation needs. We provide service you can trust. We are happy to come to your location regardless of where you may be in The Edmonton Area.

Sewer REpair

Loewen Plumbing is experienced in both installing and repairing your sewer pumps. If your system is old, or failing, it poses a health hazard and can also pose other serious issues to your house.


Turn your bathroom inspiration into reality. Whether you’re looking to give your bathroom the look you’ve always wanted or give it a bit of a face-lift, we’re here to help. 

We Also Provide Emergency Response Services:

Repairing all leaks

On Demand Hot Water units

Water Piping installed and repaired

Underground Water & Drain Pipe installed and repaired

Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

New Fixtures & Faucets supplied & installed

Correcting all Plumbing Violations

Drain Tile

Sewer Lines

Yard Drainage

Main Water Lines

Flood Investigation and Repairs


Plumbing Services or Repairs

Replace and/or Repair Program

Sewer Backup Prevention

Pipe Rejuvenation

Plumbing Fixtures


Water Heaters


Sump Pump Services and Replacement

Water Softening and Purification

Gas lines to Appliances

Frozen Water and Drain Lines

Tank-less Water Heaters (Hot water on Demand)

Camera main sewer line

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